Time to Chill Out

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Life seems especially full of challenges this year of 2020…for everyone. I know not one single person over the age of 4, who hasn’t been impacted or touched, in some way, by the extraordinary onslaught of energetic disturbances over our entire planet.

With a bombardment of opinions, manipulation, lies, blame, shame, insults, and bad news, streaming to us incessantly, we are all affected. The truly helpful rare advice, that is sometimes interspersed in our information feeds, tells us it might be wise to step back.

Take a break. Be kind. Prioritize our physical, emotional and mental health. Those are good words to heed.

However, the physical challenges of this year can still be hard to overcome, even without the outside media ugliness creeping in. The pandemic alone, has caused massive shifts in the flow of our economy.

A very long rough patch

Those affected by the loss of loved ones due to our world pandemic are hurting. And those who find themselves in a financial drought due to job loss, diminishment of government resources, or underemployment due to cutbacks, are hurting just as deeply.

In fact, every person touched by the events of this year, is more apt to experience loss of hope and confidence as time marches on. Not to mention the isolation of social distancing, the loss of friendships and family closeness due to political divides, and overall fear for the safety and security of our environment.

Humans are nothing if not adaptable, so all of it is simply a matter of adjusting and finding new avenues to get back in the flow. But how can we do this in the midst of what feels like ceaseless battles?

Much of our war (at least in the US) between two sides of our society about how the pandemic has been managed, is fueled by two great needs. Physical health of our citizens vs economic health of our citizens. Both are crucial to our overall well-being.

Add in frequent natural disasters and a firestorm of political unrest, social justice movements, and heightened discord due to a looming election, and we’re simply in a divided mess.

In the arguments carried out in public and online, most of the loudest voices on either side, show zero compassion toward any other viewpoint. Which is a shame. We so very much need less of the blaming and more of the comforting right now.

Be still

One of our greatest challenges right now, this very moment, in every society around the world, rich or poor…is to just stop. Stop talking, opinionating, judging, fearing, panicking, worrying, predicting, ranting. For just a moment. Take a breath. And then one more. Focus on the breath. Feel it in our bodies. Appreciate it for what it is. Life.

That’s all it takes to “wake up”. Do that exercise repeatedly, as much as possible until it becomes a habit, and you become an enlightened human. Simple and profound. If you can accomplish that one easy task, you can achieve benefits beyond your wildest imagination.

Take time to appreciate life in its most basic realness…in this moment. Right. Now. And you will find yourself more tolerant. Less reactionary. More patient.

Sometimes after a breath, you’ll look around and notice things you take for granted every day. And you’ll feel gratitude so intense it will gush through your body and out of your eyes.

One little change…one tiny action taken…to just chill out and breathe…can change your outlook in spectacular ways. Like a mini wave growing bigger and bigger.

Make it a habit

As a habit, and on a personal level, being present regularly, can create incredible positive changes in your health. Better sleep, lowered blood pressure, less worry and fear, natural pain control, help with fighting addictions, prevention of memory loss, and reducing stress in giant ways, are only some of the direct health benefits.

And on a bigger front? As in…life purpose, helping the planet, and helping to create a field of healing over our whole planet? Well, while it may be difficult to convince individuals requiring scientific “proof” that one small act of awareness of breath could have a massive effect on our world, there is plenty of evidence for those able to see it.

There’s no reason for us to succumb to doom and gloom predictions. Humans have been shockingly resilient since our existence. We were made that way, and we tend to far undervalue our ability to overcome adversity. Let’s take a moment…just this one, bitty, current present moment…and chill out. All together now. And see what happens.

A lover of stories — an observer and an active participant, I seek to live fully in beautiful moments.

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